Welcome to This is our family's small piece of the vastness of the internet. Here we come together to share our lives and memories, stay in touch over the many miles that separate us and finds support one to another!

About Us

We are Steve and Susan Larson and we live near Corona, California. Corona is sprawling community in the 'Inland Empire' of Southern California. Still confused? It is in western Riverside County, adjacent to Orange County. If you have ever heard of the dreaded '91', it connects the inland valley to the coastal communities and is the local parking lot much of the time.

We've lived here for about 13 years now and have seen tremendous growth in the housing market. On the flip side, that means the beloved 91 simply gets more and more crowded. Good thing I work in town! Too bad Susan commutes to Orange County. It's not all that bad... early to rise makes the commute wiz by. (Easy for me to say!)

We have 7, that's right - seven children. Stacey, Stephanie, Sarah-Anne, Shawna, Scott, Shaylynn and Steven Jr. To date we have nine grandchildren!

We are both in the computer field, which made this website project possible. If you could not tell, we are into genealogy and family history. It has become an exciting past time both learning of our heritage and discovering interesting tidbits about history and the places our ancestors came from. It's tough to beat the vacations we have taken where going through cemeteries and finding new relatives and how they are related.

So long for now!!


Useless Trivia

The average human produces 10,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime.